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The Concordat

The Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers


The Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers provides a single statement of the expectations and responsibilities of researchers, their managers, employers and funders. It is a national document with many signatories including Universities UK, HEFCE and the research councils UK.

In 2012, we conducted an internal analysis of the degree to which QM practice was already aligned with The Concordat, for which we were awarded the prestigious HR Excellence in Research by the European Commission.

We have completed A Review of Progress against indicators and actions identified in the original Queen Mary University of London Concordat action plan.



The Concordat consists of a set of seven principles with which QM wishes to align its practice.

  • Recognition of the importance of recruiting, selecting and retaining researchers with the highest potential to achieve excellence in research
  • Researchers are recognised and valued by their employing organisation as an essential part of their organisation’s human resources and a key component of their overall strategy to develop and deliver world-class research
  • Researchers are equipped and supported to be adaptable and flexible in an increasingly diverse, mobile, global research environment
  • The importance of researchers’ personal and career development, and lifelong learning, is clearly recognised and promoted at all stages of their career
  • Individual researchers share the responsibility for and need to proactively engage in their own personal and career development, and lifelong learning
  • Diversity and equality must be promoted in all aspects of the recruitment and career management of researchers
  • The sector and all stakeholders will undertake regular and collective review of their progress in strengthening the attractiveness and sustainability of research careers in the UK
  1. Faculty Postdoc Networks & Masterclasses: Two new Postdoc Networks (Whitechapel and Charterhouse Square) have been established along with a new series of bespoke Masterclasses led by Faculty research leaders.
  2. Fellowship and Grant Funding Events: QMUL provides a comprehensive programme of Winning Grant Funding events including Faculty Masterclasses and the annual QM Fellowship Day.
  3. Careers Support and Guidance: QMUL’s dedicated Careers Adviser for Researchers provides one-to-one consultancy, careers workshops and a new series of ‘Doctoral Transitions: Careers Beyond Academia’ events.
  4. Euraxess Contact Point: In December 2013 QMUL became a member of the EURAXESS-UK Services network, which aims to help institutions attract world class research talent.
  5. New Appraisal Scheme: The new Queen Mary Performance and Development Appraisal Scheme (QMPDAS) was implemented across QMUL in 2013 and includes a career ambitions and development plan.

QMUL researchers should proactively engage in their own professional development and career management. The Concordat sets up a framework of responsibilities for all levels of the research community to enable UK researchers to accomplish this.  An overview of the responsibilities of each of the main groups of stakeholders in research along with more detailed briefings are available through Vitae.

QMUL is committed to providing a thriving work environment to recruit and retain researchers with the highest potential to achieve excellence in research.  We offer our researchers career development opportunities through skills training, courses and events offered through the CAPD, QM Careers, The Language Centre, The Library, IT services as well as locally through each of the Schools. For CAPD course offerings, follow this link. In addition, one-on-one career and academic development advice is offered to our researchers.

For more information please contact Dr Rui Pires Martins in the CAPD.

For further information please contact Dr Rui Pires Martins by email or Telephone +44 20 7882 2816.

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