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Regulations and Paperwork

This page lays out links to regulations and paperwork in the approximate order in which you might need them during your studies. Click on the links to find out more.

Being a student

Enrolment: you need to enrol with the College every year

Do you need a letter confirming your student status for Council Tax, Railcard or Oyster Card?

Do you need Ethics approval?

Progression through the PhD

If you registered before September 2010 you will have to transfer from MPhil to PhD.

If you registered after September 2010, you will need to pass progression milestones during your PhD.

Do you want to change from full-time to part-time status?

Do you need to interrupt?


For the final part of your studies, you will need to transfer to writing up status.

Do you need to seek an extension?

Find out how examiners are nominated and your PhD is entered for examination.

How to submit your thesis

Examination and Completion

What happens during and after the examination?

How do you re-enter for examination?

When is your degree awarded and how do you graduate?


Under what circumstances and how can you withdraw from your studies?

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