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How can your PhD students develop their skills at QMUL?

Skills training is available in several forms at QMUL, most notably through the Researcher Development Programme and subject specific training workshops run by your academic department, school or Institute.

The Researcher Development Programme

The College’s Academic Development team provide workshops throughout the year on professional development, personal effectiveness and research management. These training sessions have been designed to help students:

  • Manage their research
  • Plan the next stage of their career

Click the link to find out more about the courses and workshops run by the Researcher Development Programme

Subject specific workshops run by schools, institutes or departments

Subject-specific training, such as technical and methodological training, is delivered primarily through academic schools and institutes. These training opportunities are advertised on the Doctoral College’s event calendar.

Research Council Doctoral Training Centres

Doctoral Training Centres also provide training opportunities for students. Core methodological training is offered alongside more advanced specialist training. These training opprotunities are advertised on the Doctoral College’s events calendar.

Other Queen Mary training providers

There are also other training workshops run around QMUL:

  •  The Language Centre offer a range of programmes in academic English and modern foreign language as well as pre-sessional and in-sessional courses.
  • The Library provides guidance on research skills, copyright and Open Access issues.
  • To help students make progress with your reading and writing, the college’s Thinking Writing team runs a weekly writing group, and longer off-campus ‘retreats’ (usually one or two days) at various points during the year.
  • The Advice and Counselling Service run workshops on managing stress and procrastination.

External Training

External training opportunities are advertised by the Researcher Development team here.

Any training activities students undertake during their PhD can be recorded through the PhD Skills Points Database.

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